Owners: Before You Build

The construction or renovation of a facility is a major undertaking that requires the investment of significant financial and organizational resources. You will achieve the greatest value for this investment by securing a basic understanding of the design and construction process before you begin.

Long before construction begins, you, as facility owner, and your design and construction team must make a myriad of planning decisions. The quality of your facility and the efficiency of construction depend on the timeliness of these decisions. The decision making process will require a great deal of time. It can take from six months to more than a year to organize & focus your professional team, find satisfactory land & financing, design your project, and secure approvals. Clear project goals, good team cooperation, regular progress meetings, and timely decision-making are the tools that can shorten this pre-construction phase and get construction started more quickly.

The Washtenaw Contractors Association (WCA) has prepared an educational template that provides information on the planning process, from the identification of the need for a facility to the beginning of construction. This outline summarizes the major decisions you and your professional team must consider in a sequential manner. While some decisions and tasks may overlap, none of them can be skipped.

WCA volunteers are available to provide your organization with a full presentation. Please contact the WCA by telephone at 734.662.2570 or send an e-mail to info@wcaonline.org.