Professional Career Strategies

For most professional careers in construction, preparation begins with a bachelor’s degree. Pursuing a career in any of these professions requires planning and hard work.

In high school, you should:

  • Do well in advanced mathematics classes
  • Learn to write and speak clearly
  • Do well in other courses related to your career interest, such as drafting for architecture, business for construction or financial management, advanced science for engineering
  • Take advantage of elective courses such as computer science or building technology
  • Maintain good grades in all your classes to make sure you meet college entrance requirements
  • Seek information from colleges and universities, and apply to those that offer a program in your desired career area

In a typical 4-year Bachelor’s Program in a construction-related field, you will:

  • Complete 1-3 years of advanced math and/or science course
  • Sharpen your ability to communicate both verbally and in writing
  • Learn to use computers for solving technical and/or management problems
  • Choose a major field of study and take special courses related to that field
  • Fulfill any general education requirements for graduation

To finance your college education, you may consider:

  • Work/study (co-op) or internship programs that may be available.
  • Programs in military services that lead to a construction related degree, such as engineering.
  • Scholarships offered by colleges, universities or construction related associations.

For more information about professional careers in the construction industry, talk to:

  • Your parents
  • Your counselor
  • Your math, science, and technology teachers
  • Construction professionals in your community
  • Professional association representatives
  • Construction association representatives
  • College / university representatives
  • A Washtenaw Contractors Association Student Advocate: Call (734) 662-2570