Professional Careers


Professionals in the construction industry bring such a wide variety of skills and experience to their work that it is nearly impossible to make generalizations about them. But the one thing that all these men and women have in common is the excitement of being part of a team that brings new buildings and structures to life.

Look at the world around you. It’s easy to see the work of construction professionals. They designed and helped build all of the structures you can see – from the roads under your feet to the skyscrapers above your head.

The process of construction involves many firms, large and small. Like any businesses, firms in the construction industry need professionals in many areas to operate effectively. These include managers and staff in the areas of administration, finance, human resources, quality control, sales and marketing. Some professions, such as architecture, civil engineering, estimating and safety management, are more particular to the construction industry.

The education and training required for these professional careers vary. Most, however, require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. Some also require licensing, while for others there are voluntary certifications available. Because of the large number of individuals and firms that are involved in any construction project, the ability to work well and communicate with others is essential in any of these professions. Excellent computer skills are also needed.

The professionals of the construction industry earn good salaries, and at some firms share in profits or receive bonuses as well. Successful construction professionals often move up into top management positions at their companies. Their jobs are fast paced and require decisiveness and the ability to handle multiple and ever changing priorities. Are you ready for the challenge?


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  • Architect
    Architects are creative people who design buildings and other structures. Design involves far more than just appearance; therefore, architects must …
  • Civil Engineer
    Engineers apply the theories and principles of science and mathematics to develop economical solutions to technical problems. Civil engineers work …
  • Construction Mananger
    Construction managers plan and direct construction projects. They may hold a variety of job titles, such as construction superintendent, general …
  • Cost Estimator
    Accurately predicting the cost of projects is vital to the survival of construction firms. This is the job of a …
  • Financial Manager
    Practically every business, including construction firms, has one or more financial managers. They prepare financial reports, oversee cash flow, monitor …

OTHER Opportunities

  • BUILDING/CODE OFFICIAL: Examines the construction, alteration or repair of buildings to ensure compliance with building codes, ordinances and zoning regulations
  • PLANNER: Develops short and long range land use plans to provide for the growth and/or revitalization of urban, suburban and rural communities; or plans for specific properties
  • ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTANT: Advises clients on environmental issues such as pollution control, wetland preservation, forest conservation or location of waste disposal facilities
  • FACILITIES MANAGER: Manages the construction, renovation and maintenance of all physical properties owned or leased by an organization
  • SAFETY MANAGER: Develops and administers safety policies to ensure safety of workers and the general public
  • INTERIOR DESIGNER: Plans the space and furnishes the interiors of private homes, public buildings and commercial establishments; may also plan additions and renovations
  • SURVEYOR: Finds and records elevations, locations and directions to complete boundary and/or topographic mapping of a site or measurement of a building
  • SCHEDULER: Schedules all work and the flow of materials for construction projects