Skilled Trade Rewards

Think about the REWARDS of a skilled trades career in the construction industry:

  • CHALLENGE: Solve new and different problems every day as you construct many types of buildings
  • PRIDE: Drive by and see the buildings you constructed for years to come
  • INCOME: Earn more as a journeyman than many college graduates with a bachelor’s degree; and great fringe benefits, too
  • LOTS OF JOBS: Land a good job since the number of construction jobs in the Washtenaw County area increased by 73% since 1991 – a larger increase than any other job classification
  • LEARN WHILE YOU EARN: As an apprentice, work and earn great pay and benefits while you learn
  • NO TUITION: Generally pay no tuition for your apprenticeship programs and have no student loans to repay
  • COLLEGE CREDITS: If you decide to go to college later, your apprenticeship classes may provide college credits
  • SECURITY: While other jobs become outdated, your career will be secure because buildings will always be constructed
  • MOBILITY: Choose to work anywhere in the U.S. with your skills and credentials that are nationally recognized
  • CAREER OPTIONS: Work for a large or small construction firm; or use your skills to start your own company